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concept: negative effects of

technology on environment

Bearhug, an eco-friendly phone holder inspired by global warming and the negative effects of technology on the environment

Bearhug is cautioning on technologies that we use today may cause a global warming effect on other species if used improperly. Therefore, when using this phone holder, the phone will be placed in the middle separating mother bear and its baby compare to how we use other technologies that might also affect others as well

Designed by: MOOQUE™


©2024 MOOQUE  

image. bear hug phone stand

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©2024 MOOQUE 

image. bear hug phone stand

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Bear Hug Rendering2.11.jpg

Compatible with :  Mobile Phones and Tablets


©2024 MOOQUE™

image. bear hug phone stand

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Bear Hug Rendering2_edited.jpg

The extensive use of technology impacts the environment in ways that directly threaten species such as the polar bear. Specifically, carbon emissions from electronic devices contribute to global warming, leading to the melting of Arctic ice, the natural habitat of the polar bear. This loss of ice not only reduces their hunting grounds but also poses a significant threat to their survival, underscoring the urgent need for environmentally responsible technology use to safeguard vulnerable species like the polar bear.

the impact of technology on climate change and its consequences for species like polar bears is grounded in factual environmental science. The connection between carbon emissions from human activities (including the production and use of technology) and global warming is well-documented

Bear Hug Rendering2.25.png

Global warming leads to Arctic ice melting, which directly affects polar bears by reducing their habitat and access to food sources like seals, which they hunt on the ice. As the ice continues to recede, polar bears are forced to travel greater distances to find food, leading to increased energy expenditure and reduced fat reserves, impacting their survival. This scenario highlights the broader environmental impacts of technology and the importance of adopting sustainable practices to mitigate these effects


©2024 MOOQUE™

image. bear hug phone stand

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(exhibition) : AT STYLE EXHIBITION FAIR 2018, BKK


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